Something extreme!

Offroading  is for everyone who is looking fot thrilling adventures. Our
professional drivers take you to places where you canŽt go  with a normal car .
The SUVŽs are  perfect for driving in harsh conditions.  For example Volvo l3315
( good old sweedish army equipment) Jeep Cherokee and couple of Grand CherokeeŽs
equipped with winch. Also some lifting has been done.  Cars will be tested in
water, mud, rocky hills and through sand. Besides offroadind( varying of the
trip you choose) there is much sightseeing to do: Jägala and Keila- Joa
waterfall, Türisalu cliff, Pakri lighthouse and modern windpark etc.

Excursions last 2h, 4h and 6h. We also organize trips outside  the Harjumaa
county and some can last up to two days.

If required we help you with  accommodation and meals! Whatever the weather is,
we drive!

In agreement all who are interested can try to drive  himself.  This is an
opportunity of a lifetime. DonŽt be afraid to use It!

This safari is a perfect gift for your sweetheart, company events, bachelor
partys and why not even for  bachelorette partys, as one of our drivers is a
young women. How extreme is that! So all ladys are more than welcome to

Our job,  our hobby, our passion   and we enjoy It!

We share information about Estonian nature and ofrroad vehicles. One of the most
popular  trip is a drive  through the Pakri peninsula to Paldiski . After the
World War II located there an Russian military base. From year 1962 forward the
town was restricted area and people were allowed there with special premissions.
The nuclear submarine base was there and probably only  model  in a worl of  a
surface nuclear submarine with a nuclear reactor  was built in Paldiski. Now
itŽs a safe area.

Astangu military buildings are caves and tunnels   inside a steep rocky coast.
In Peter the Great times it was a seafortress and in the tunnels was an ammo
warehouse. Nowadays ItŽs abandoned area and mountaineers use the rocky cliffs
for practice. These and some more interesting places are waiting for you!

See you in the forest!